Marylyn Varriale is a composer/arranger, writer, and educator. Among her creative credits are musical plays; children’s books; soundtracks for computer games; and RadioTV commercials for which she has received both local and national recognition.

One of Marylyn’s major accomplishments is a musical play, “Evangeline, a Curious Journey,” based on Longfellow’s epic poem.

Another is an anti-drug musical for teenagers called “Turn Off!”

One of Marylyn’s creative endeavors for children is a book/CD, “When Simple Was Hard to Do.”

Another notable work is “Letterville” - a unique musical approach to a phonics program published by NRSI, Inc.

Trained in the Lincoln Center Aesthetic Education Approach, Marylyn is presently a Teaching Artist through Tilles Center for the Performing Arts at Long Island University.

She also has a private studio where she coaches aspiring performers and composers.